Why Writing Matters

Effective writing is not only an academic skill, but a life skill. Career success hinges on the capacity to understand and convey complex ideas. In addition, the ability to frame an argument is essential in our society.

No one expects to earn an A in Mandarin Chinese without putting in the work. Like a foreign language, writing is a learned skill. With effective instruction and practice, most people will improve over time. I will give you the tools to sharpen your writing skills and help you achieve to your highest capabilities, while helping you learn more about the writing process.

You don’t have to write like Jonathan Franzen or Toni Morrison. The key is to become an effective communicator. While professional writers or your peers can inspire, writing is a personal journey. As author Sue Grafton advises new writers, “Give yourself time to get better.”

Minor adjustments can lead to massive improvements. Contact me and start your progress.